Chinese Energy Meridians

Posted by Cora Wen Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you interested in Chinese Energy Meridians? I have been fascinated since I was a child by the idea of energy running through my body, and have been feeling this energy in my Yoga Practice since I first started practicing. I remember sitting around as a child and putting my feet on my head and thinking - is This Yoga? And if it is, how Kool. And if it isn't... why are there currents flowing through my veins? As an adult when I started to do Yoga again, I worked on Rajakapotasana when you lay on the ground on your belly and bring your feet to your head.. and, again... it is an electric current. A thrill of Joy! Now I am playing around with these energy points and seeing how I can access them through my Yoga practice. Would love to hear about some of your experiences, so share some of your stories...!

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  1. Marcela Says:
  2. Yes, i'm very interested in Chiniese eneregy meridians...and i can feel this out of this earth sacred energy when i this yoga??? i found in my a beautiful
    dance ...vinyasa..ashtanga..and even Kundalini yoga...that i'm exploring now...let me be myself...!!! ...i'm so connected to the incredible sacred universal energy...that i enter a rare state...that makes me tremble...and feel in an seeet ecstasy...and at the same time i feel i am the weirdest people in the world...& sooo far away from the rest...that i love....!!!
    Namate...Sat Nam...
    Marcela..( from the bottom of my heart )


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