She calls it Sirsa Graffiti Around the World. We call it Awesome! Meet Cora Wen!

The world traveling yogini who makes it her business to share her ever expanding knowledge of yoga through teacher trainings and workshops all

over the globe, and on her head! See if you can spot the stillness of a yogi in the video above.

We love Cora for her buoyant spirit and infectiously zestful cheer. Having studied with the likes of Erich Schiffmann, Patricia Walden and Judith Hanson Lasater, Cora is a

teacher’s teacher and we greatly admire her contribution to the world of yoga. AND for telling us all about our mudr

as - a fave of her recent blog posts, Mudras and Meaning. But what really has us going bonkers? Cora, upside do

wn, all over the world! Cora Wen is the sirsa garden gnome of yoga! –Do not try (most of) this at home yogadorks.

Recently spotlighted on comedic cohort, and prominently featured on our conscious big brother, it’s Sirsa Graffiti all right, and it sparked the rumbles of a DIY challenge! Are you up for it?

Sirsa Snapshot Challenge: It’s simple. Grab a camera, a pal to take the pic, and you know the rest! Of course, this is all for fun and not a contest so get creative, but please, as conscious yogis, be safe and mindful! Maybe even wear your #yogadork tee to make it extra dorkie. This is way easier than our impromptu yoga video challenge (hopefully).

Then post your photos on your blog, as fan photos on the yogadork facebook page or Cora’s page.

Let’s make this a challenge for the new year and see if we can keep it up through 2010. OK go!

Scroll down for our favorites in the Sirsa collection and go to Cora’s facebook album for the full set.

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  1. YogaMaendy Says:
  2. LOL!!!!!!! that photo is WILD!!


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